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Replace broken poles

Sep 06, 2023

Aug 5, 2023

Letter to the Editor (Graphic Illustration/MetroCreative)

I travel all around our fair city and see ALL these phone poles hit by vehicles and broken. Most of them have a splint bolted to them to keep them from breaking completely in two.

One I notice on St. Marys Avenue is completely severed at the bottom with nothing holding it up but the phone and cable lines.

The power company is really good at replacing these broken poles and transferring their power lines to the new pole. Yet the phone and cable companies are not putting their lines on the new poles. This is dangerous and an eye sore. I know, I got one in my front yard.

I believe the city, for safety’s sake, should pressure these cable and phone companies to transfer their lines to the new poles and remove the old broken poles.

Darold Hinzman


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