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6 Best Speaker Wires for Car Audio

Jul 07, 2023

Investing in the right speaker wire can make a significant difference in the sound quality of your car’s audio system. We say this, as choosing the appropriate wires is crucial in achieving optimal signal transmission and avoiding any degradation in audio quality. Of course, with options aplenty, narrowing down the best speaker wires for car audio can seem like a daunting task.

Well, fret not. To help you find the perfect speaker wire for your car audio needs, we have compiled a list of the six enticing options available on the market today. Our recommendations are based on factors such as gauge, material, and price. We’ll also provide pros and cons for each product, so you can make an informed decision.

But first, you might want to check out the following:


The Amazon Basics 16-Gauge Speaker Wire is a reliable and affordable option for car audio enthusiasts. The wire’s construction ensures minimal signal loss, thereby delivering clear and distortion-free sound.

The Amazon Basics 16-gauge speaker wire is available in lengths of up to 100 feet. You can even get it in packs of four, should you require more. The wire is stranded, which makes it flexible and easy to work with.

You also get a plastic jacket on top to allow for undistorted audio signals to pass through. In fact, as per customer reviews, the wire sports a thick coating, which adds to the cable’s durability, regardless of how you bend it.


One downside of the Amazon Basics speaker wire is that it’s a little thin, so it’s not the best for high-powered setups. If you want a thicker cable, the Bullz Audio BPES10.25 is a great option.

The Bullz Audio BPES10.25 is a 10-gauge speaker wire designed to handle higher power outputs. Available in a 25 feet spool, the BPES10.25 is geared toward compact car audio installations. This is something to keep in mind, especially if you’re planning to install it with speakers on the rear end of your vehicle.

In terms of quality, the cable is made of OFC, but it is thicker than the Amazon Basics wire. Consequently, the unit can handle more power and is less likely to be damaged. Additionally, the wire’s thickness reduces the risk of overheating, making it ideal for demanding audio setups


Monster is a well-known brand in the audio industry, and the XP Speaker Wire lives up to the brand’s reputation. To wit, the XP’s speaker wire spool features high-quality copper conductors and a special winding configuration for enhanced signal clarity.

The Monster XP CCA Speaker Wire comes with silver plating and is made of CCA materials. Needless to say, the choice of materials gives the wire a higher conductivity, which results in better sound reproduction. The wire also includes a special LPE (linked polyethylene) insulation which pays dividends by reducing signal losses over longer ranges.

Speaking of which, the Monster XP cable can be purchased in lengths of up to 500ft. Furthermore, when you factor in the thickness of up to 12 AWG and various other features, you can rest assured that there will be no compromise in quality.


The InstallGear 14-Gauge Speaker Wire is a versatile option suitable for various car audio systems. Available in up to 500 feet of length and 14-gauge thickness, the InstallGear speaker wire ensures minimal power loss when tasked with moderate power setups.

The InstallGear Speaker Wire is available in five different color options. Although the PVC jacket’s colors are not crucial, they can aid in distinguishing the positive and negative ends. Add to that, the cable also comes with pre-marked polarity for easy setup.

Similar to other products on this list, the InstallGear 14-gauge speaker wire is also made of CCA and is stranded for flexibility. What’s more, is that the company also offers banana plugs with their 100 ft cable for easy connectivity.


Similar to Monster XP, the GearIT Pro Series Speaker Wire is designed to meet the demands of high-powered car audio systems. While you only get a single 16 AWG variant, you do get a more practical 200 ft length option.

The GearIT Pro Series car stereo speaker wire is another premium option that offers excellent sound quality and durability. It is made of Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) which offers the same signal frequency and reliability in terms of corrosion resistance to copper wire. Additionally, CCA is lighter and more flexible than copper wire.

Speaking of flexibility, the cable is triple-twisted for even more flexibility. You can even opt for either Black or White colorways for the cable. In terms of reliability, the product also comes with GearIT’s top-rated lifetime warranty service.


With over 2,600 reviews and an average 4.8-star rating on Amazon, the GS Power Stranded Electrical Wiring is the highest-rated speaker wire on our list. It is also the most expensive but for good reason.

Similar to the Bullz Audio BPES10.25, the GS Power Stranded speaker wire is made of 99.99% Oxygen-Free Copper(OFC) material too. The absence of oxygen minimizes oxidation and corrosion over time, ensuring that the wire’s electrical conductivity remains consistent even after some time has elapsed. As a result, OFC wires are regarded as the premium choice for audio enthusiasts seeking the highest possible sound fidelity.

The cable comes in a black and red color combo to easily spot the polarity, and the PVC coating is oil and gas resistant. In fact, it’s an automative-grade PVC insulation, which makes it the best car speaker wire on our list.

In general, the best speaker wire to use for car audio is oxygen-free copper (OFC) wire. OFC wire has the highest conductivity of any type of speaker wire, which means that it will deliver the best sound quality. That being said, CCA speaker wires are typically more economical than OFC wires, making them accessible to a broader range of car audio enthusiasts.

The gauge of speaker wire to use for car audio depends on the length of the run. For runs up to 50 feet, a 16-gauge wire is a good choice. On the other hand, for runs longer than 50 feet, a 14-gauge wire is recommended. For subwoofers, a 12-gauge wire is a good choice.

No, a car speaker wire cannot be too thick. A thicker wire will simply handle more power and be less likely to be damaged. However, a thicker wire will also be more expensive and more difficult to work with.

Choosing the right speaker wire is crucial for achieving the most suitable audio experience in your car. The aforementioned speaker wires for car audio have unique advantages, catering to different car audio setups and budget preferences. Whether you’re looking for affordability, durability, or high power-handling capabilities, you should be able to snag the perfect speaker wire from the list.

Last updated on 25 July, 2023

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