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Tasker adds to range of Cca cables

Jul 17, 2023

Tasker adds to range of Cca cables

Since CPR legislation came into force, Tasker has increased its range of medium-risk class (Cca) cables to follow constant market demands. The manufacturer has unveiled four additions that are all compliant with the world’s most advanced homologations and suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.

In the speaker cable category, Tasker has a released a new family of products, which includes the TSK503 CPR Cca 4x2.5mm² and the TSK404 CPR Cca 2x4mm². These cables follow in the footsteps of three conductor speaker cables: the TSK401, TSK402 and TSK403 CPR Cca with 2x1mm2, 2x1.5mm2 and 2x2.5mm² sections respectively.

The manufacturer has also released new microphone and DMX cables, all with a 2x0.35mm² section. The TSK1050 CPR Cca is a foil shielded microphone cable and the TSK1038 CPR Cca is a shielded braided DMX.