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Bring the noise this Labor Day with 20% off the Wonderboom 3 Bluetooth speaker

Jul 15, 2023

Ultra-rugged and compact, this speaker is a good buy at $80

Built to handle the outdoors, the Wonderboom 3 is a great little Bluetooth speaker to take on adventures. It's waterproof, dustproof, features 360-degree sound, and a huge 131-foot range. For $80, its a cheap buy that's worth every penny.

Nowadays, a good bluetooth speaker doesn't have to cost hundreds of dollars to sound good and be durable. These things are designed to be taken with you on the go, whether it be hiking the nearby trails or cruising to the beach, and brands are amping up just how good they sound with improved hardware and even more rugged designs. Even better, they're doing it at even cheaper prices than before, and early Labor Day deals are arriving to bring those prices even lower. For instance, this solid deal on the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 portable Bluetooth speaker on sale for $80.

If a speaker that's as rugged as they come yet still actually sounds good is what you're after, the Wonderboom 3 hits a homerun. Designed for the outdoors, this IP67-rated speaker is waterproof and dustproof, making it the perfect bring along speaker for your adventures. What's more, it actually floats in water and can be submerged for upwards of 30-minutes, a nifty little feature if you plan to head to the beach or lake for the Labor Day weekend. It's also drop-proof up to 5-feet, with a case that can take a beating and keep on going.

Enough about how it's built, how does it sound exactly? Surprisingly, the Wonderboom 3 delivers a rich, full audio experience thanks to its 360-degree design. Two 40mm active drivers pair with two 46.1mm x 65.2mm drivers deliver up to 87 decibals of beefy bass and clean highs, so whether you're indoors or outdoors it's plenty loud and sounds good at most levels. As with most Bluetooth speakers, you may get some breakup once you get to max volume, but it won't be anything too terrible.

Battery life is good for a speaker in this price range, too. With up to 14-hours of runtime, there's plenty of juice to handle that evening barbecue or afternoon at the river without needing a charge. If you do need a quick reboot, it charges to 100% in just over 2-hours via a Micro USB charging cable. Moreover, the range of the Wonderboom 3 is killer at just under 130-feet, and the ability to pair up to two devices at a single time or two Wonderboom 3 speakers from a single source makes it the perfect party speaker.

If you're searching for a good but cheap Bluetooth speaker for your holiday weekend, you won't go wrong with the Wonderboom 3 at its discounted $80 price tag.

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